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CSK head screw

CSK head screw, countersink screw, countersink head screw, ss304 countersink head screw, flat countersink head screw, countersink head tapping screw, countersink head self drilling screw, screw, countersink head machine screw, A4 countersink screw

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Name screw
Place of Origin Jiaxing, Zhengjiang, China
Size M1.6-M20 or non-standard as request&design
Finish plain, zinc plated, black oxide, hot dip galv.et
Head Type pan head screw, truss head screw,csk head screw
Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys steel   etc.
StandardISO14580 ISO14583 ISO7045 ISO1483 Iso7380 ISO10642 ISO7051 ISO1207 ISO2009 ISO1580 ISO7046 ISO14579 ISO1482 ISO14581 ISO2010
JISB1115 JISB1101 JISB1101 JISB1101 JISB1122 JISB1122 JISB1115 JISB1111 JISB1111 JISB1122 JISB1101 JISB1111 JISB1101 JISB1115 JISB1122

DIN963 DIN967 DIN7982 DIN6928 DIN7985 DIN66 DIN7973 DIN965 DIN85 DIN7991 DIN84 DIN939 DIN913 DIN916 DIN968 DIN7985 DIN7971 DIN7981 DIN7976

Non-standards OEM is available, according to drawing or samples
Samples Samples are free.
Package Bulk in master cartons, then on pallets, or according to customers' requirement.
Payment  T/T 
ISO 7380  ISO 7380-1997.jpg


We also can provide kinds of products carbon steel /stainless steel hammer head screw, carbon steel/stainless steel T-bolt,carbon steel /stainless steel square head bolt , T Screw  other product like: wing screw, eye screw, wood screw ,set screw, self tapping screw, pan head screw, button head screw, Csk head screw, sems screw, machine screw, combination screw, drywall screw, socket screw, double head screw, chipboard screw. Looking forward to cooperation with u.

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