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  1. SS316 wedge anchor M12
  2. SS316 wedge anchor M12

SS316 wedge anchor M12

SS316 wedge anchor M12, WEDGE anchor, ss304 wedge anchor, wedge anchor bolt, wedge anchor m12, ss304 wedge anchor , stainless steel wedge anchor , anchor bolt

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Products nameWedge anchor,Drop in anchor, expension bolt,shield anchor,Chemilcal anchor,Hollow wall anchor,Sleeve anchor bolts
MaterialStainless Steel: SS201, SS304, SS316
Steel Grade: DIN: Gr.4  SAE: Gr.2; 
FinishingZinc(Yellow,White,Blue,Black),Hop Dip Galvanized(HDG),Black Oxide,
Geomet,Dacroment,anodization,Nickel plated,Zinc-Nickel plated
Cold forging,Stamping and assembled
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Busy season:15-30days,Slack seaon:10-15days
Stock ProductsCarbon steel:Drop in anchor.wedge anchor.Shield anchor,expension bolt Stainless steel: All DIN Or GB Standard stainless steel anchor
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The fixing principle of the expansion screw: the fixing of the expansion screw is to use the inclination of the shape to promote the expansion to produce the frictional binding force to achieve the fixing effect. One end of the screw is threaded, and the other end is tapered. There is a steel skin on the outside. Half of the iron skin cylinder has several cuts. Put them together into the holes made in the wall. Then lock the nut. The nut pulls the screw outwards and pulls the cone into the steel skin cylinder. The steel skin is round. The tube is expanded, so it is tightly fixed to the wall, and is generally used to fasten protective fences, awnings, air conditioners, etc. on cement, bricks and other materials.